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Programming Services

Programming Services For businesses that require custom programs to address their needs, we have a team of dedicated software developers at our disposal. We help you realize your dreams and we do it on time and on budget, every time. Our custom software solutions are often much cheaper than the overpriced bulky software packages.

Our four step approach to developing software:

  1. First we work with you to figure out what exactly you need.

  2. We provide you with a prototype for you to consider. This is not necessarily fully functional copy. This allows you to see what exactly is taking place and make any changes you will need to make.

  3. We provide you with a beta version of your program. This is fully functional and should meet all your requirements. However if you should have any concerns at this time, we can take care of it.

  4. We provide you with the formal final release of your software.

Skill Set
  • Visual Studio .Net [Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic]
  • Embedded systems [Embedded Visual C++, Embedded VB]
  • C / C++ [Borland, GCC]
  • Java, Macromedia Flash

  • PHP, PHP.Net
  • Java Script
  • VB Script

  • .NET Architecture
  • Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC)
  • ActiveX
  • OpenGL
  • COM and DCOM

  • Microsoft [Access, ADO.NET, SQL and SQL Server]
  • Other [MYSQL]

Operating Systems
  • Windows [XP, 2000, 98, 95, NT]
  • Pocket PC (Pocket PC 2000, Windows CE)
  • Linux [Debian, Red hat]
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