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Computer Consulting

Computer consulting Services We provide a wide range of consulting services to meet your needs. We can analyze your company's operation and provide a complete and custom solution to satisfy your particular needs. If you already have an in house IT team, we can also work with your in house IT team to create a comprehensive solution.

Computer Consulting
System evaluation
We find the optimal capacity for your desktops, laptops and servers so that you don't end up with a machine that is unable to keep up with the demands of your business or a machine that exceeds your capacity and burns your capital.

Software evaluation
Software licensing has become a nightmare. We help simplify this process so that you buy only the software titles you need. First we will sit down with you and figure out you needs, wants and desires. Then based on your information and our wide knowledge of the industry we will find the optimal number of software licenses you will need. We may even be able to suggest one software title that can replace two titles that is being jammed down your through by your software retailer. We also provide you custom software that can be at times much cheaper than buying a bulky retail packages.

Network Consulting
Security analysis and design
Weather you store sensitive client information or simply wish to have an efficient and effective network, security is very important. Anti-virus, spam controls and firewalls are vital to a modern network. We can analyze your network to find such security holes and provide you with effective solutions.

System and network capacity
Capacity is simply the most vital component when building new infrastructure. It is very important that your infrastructure has room for you to grow and yet does not eat away at your start up capital. We specialize in building systems and networks to fit you needs without putting your IT budget in the red.

System backup and recovery
A comprehensive and efficient backup solution is necessary to protect yourself from hardware or software failures. An effective backup solution does not have to be very expensive. A backup system can be simple as an optical disc for those with a few files they need secured or as complicated as a backup array for those who need large quantities vital data backed up on a daily or even on a hourly basis.

Disaster Recovery
Many companies have realized the advantages of having a disaster recovery plan since 9/11. Our disaster recovery plan is an extension of a comprehensive backup plan. This is a plan for dealing with loss of total building loss. A way of re-establishing your computer infrastructure quickly and with no data loss.
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