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Custom Builds

Computer consulting We custom build individual computers, servers and comprehensive networks to satisfy the particular needs of small business. For established businesses with existing infrastructure, we also upgrade and optimize the infrastructure to meet growing needs. By customizing your infrastructure you can maximize performance without burning precious capital.

Custom Computers
A custom built computer is one that is built with the specific tasks of your business in mind. Such a system is better suited at addressing your needs and can be significantly cheaper than a generic system from IBM, DELL or even your local corner store. A custom built system is cheaper because you are buying only what you need. As retailers of computer hardware and software we can provide you with all your computer needs at competitive prices. We can build your system and install any requested software and configure them to your specification. So that it will be ready to go at the push of a button. We will also delivery to your place of business and set it up. We can also provide any technical support for our hardware that you might need in the future.

In order to keep your employees productive, you need to provide them with efficient and effective computer resources. We provide custom built workstation to satisfy any need. Weather you need large quantity of processing power, storage capacity or economic design we can build the right system for your particular needs. Not only do we custom build the hardware but we can also install and configure any software you will need on your machine.

A server is a centralized system that provides services or resources to other computers on your network. The necessary capacity of a server is directly proportional to the size of the network and the application of the server. For example a file server and web server have completely different requirements. Thus it becomes important to customize your server to satisfy your needs. We have experience building servers to satisfy a wide variety of clients, everything from small affordable systems for companies with less than ten computers to full fledged rack mount systems for larger networks. Not only is there great variance in the capacity of servers but there are also many types of servers, such as:

  • Web Servers (Apache, IIS)
  • Mail Servers (Exchange Server, Sendmail, qmail, Exim)
  • File Servers (Windows 2003 Server Edition, Linux)
  • Domain Servers (Windows 2003 Server Edition)

We have experience setting up all of these servers and more. We can custom build your server configure it and deliver it to you place of work.

Custom Networks
A network is the back bone that connects all your hardware into one unified force. It is vital that this back bone not only be reliable but also be flexible. You should not have to upgrade your entire network every time you add a computer to your network. We specialize in analyzing the needs of business and building networks that are effective, flexible and cost effective. We also pro-actively maintain networks to keep them in good working condition. By preventing down time of your network you can maximize productivity and profits.

Routers / Switches / Gateways / Firewalls / etc.
Selecting the right routers and switches for your network is vital. Mistakes can not only result in an inefficient network with bottle necks but can also be financially costly. We maintain good relationship with the leading manufacturers of these devices. By working with the manufacturers such as Cisco, Linksys and Netgear we can find you the optimal solution to your needs.

Wireless Networks
There are many advantages to wireless networks over the traditional wired networks. Such as:

  • No expensive wiring
  • Great for mobile computing
  • Large expandability without using large and expensive switches

However security becomes a critical issue with a wireless network. We build and deploy secure and reliable wireless networks for small business.

Backup Solutions
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". A backup system must be reliable and efficient. A backup is something you hope you never need but have as a precaution. However there is no point in a backup system that consumes a lot of resources and time to maintain. An efficient backup system should work automatically in the background. An effective backup system should ensure the data is always secure and ready for retrieval.
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