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Emergency Technical Support

Emergency Services Emergency response is a three tier response program to address IT needs of businesses based on the level of urgency. All levels of service provides you with access to the same great quality and professional service. The only difference in each level is the urgency of response. This program is targeted towards businesses that happen to find themselves in a position that their in house IT department is unable to tackle and businesses that do not have an in house IT department to deal with an imminent problem.

We understand that you do not want to be on the phone talking to a technical support person who is asking you questions that you neither have the time nor patients to answer. We are not a "phone in" help desk, we do not keep you on the phone asking questions that you have no way of knowing. The only information that we require is the nature of your problem.
For example:
"I am unable to connect to the Internet"
"I am unable to send e-mail"
"My computer crashes at boot up".

This is an emergency response program intended for those with a short term need of IT expertise. Businesses requiring a longer term IT outsourcing commitment, please refer to Maintenance Program. Emergency response program is provided at a fixed hourly rate, depending on the urgency of your problem. See price structure below.

Price Structure:

Level 3 Emergency [Low Priority]
An appointment for service. The first available appointment or at customers convenience.
Level 2 Emergency [High Priority]
Service personal to be dispatched within the 24 hours.
Level 1 Emergency [Urgent]
Service personal to be dispatched immediately.

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