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StarTech Accessory DP2HDS DisplayPort to HDMI Video and Audio Adapter Converter Black Retail
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StarTech    DP2HDS
Product Code: ST-387DP2HDS
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The DP2HDS Adapter converts DisplayPort to HDMI with audio pass-through support¸ enabling you to connect a desktop or laptop computer that is equipped with DisplayPort A/V output to an HDMI monitor¸ projector¸ or display.

Unlike a passive adapter¸ the DP2HDS actively converts single mode and dual mode DisplayPort output¸ which is ideal for graphics cards that do not output dual mode/multi-mode (DP++) signals¸ such as ATI Eyefinity cards.

The DP to HDMI adapter is compatible with Intel Thunderbolt¸ when connected directly to a supporting DisplayPort over Thunderbolt I/O port.

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