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Razer Mouse Orochi 2013 Elite Mobile Gaming 6400dpi 4G Laser Wireless Bluetooth Retail
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Razer    RZ01-00820100-R3U1
Product Code: RA-23100R3U1
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6400dpi 4G Laser Sensor

With the most precise sensor ever outfitted in a mobile gaming mouse¸ the Razer Orochis 6400dpi 4G laser sensor takes out the competition with deadly accuracy.

Wired / Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Achieve both the frenzy of wired and the freedom of wireless play with the Razer Orochi. It performs equally well both wired and through wireless Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity found in most laptops

Extended battery life

The Razer Orochi is powered by two AA batteries¸ and optimized for extended life. Achieve up to 30 hours of continuous gameplay¸ or 3 months of normal usage¸ twice of its predecessor

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