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Genius Mouse 31030049101 Wireless Comfortable Pen Mouse Retail
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Genius    31030049101
Product Code: GE-460049101
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Genius introduces its latest innovation - Pen Mouse¸ which gives you a brand new experience on cursor control for better handling and more comfort than a regular mouse.

Pen Mouse is powered by 1200 dpi tracking technology and is switchable between 400 and 800 dpi. You can tilt it up to 85 degrees to provide a non-compromising surface advantage. Plus with 2.4GHz technology¸ Pen Mouse gives you an efficient performance with reliable working smoothness at all times. For power saving¸ a smart auto-detection is added to put Pen Mouse into sleep mode when no action has been detected¸ just press any button to start using it again. And the Flying scroll feature is the easiest way to fast web and document scrolling.

Another advanced feature includes a plug-and-forget Pico receiver to prevent breakage when using a laptop or desktop. A travel case is included for protection

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